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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Microsoft visual studio 2010 Com Port

I have worked on a Microsoft visual studio 2010 Com Port Project in which I have to send data from Serial Port to Computer. I have used Arduino board through which I was sending data to computer. In Computer, I have designed a software which was receiving that data. I have designed this software using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, which is an excellent software.
So, I was sending data via Com Port in Visual studio 2010 and the language I used is Visual Basic. I searched a lot on Internet and finally I get help through this wonderful article named as Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Com Port tutorial, which has helped a lot to me.  So, if you have any such project then must give it a try, its worth it.
By the way, its not much of a rocket science, as if you some project on Microsoft visual studio Com Port then simply  Use the Serial Port component available in Microcsoft visual studio toolbox. Its really quite of a help.

I am not gonna share how I did it because that’s already covered in the above mentioned link and you can easily get it thorugh that, I am just sharing my experience of How I did it. At the end of Microsoft Visual Studio com Port project I got something as shown in below figure:

So now first of all, I need to select the COM Port from the available Com ports and then I select the Baud rate which I normally used is 9600 and finally I hit the connect button and then whatever I reight in the text box it send over to Arduino once I hit the Send button.
Similarly when I send any data from Arduino, I received it in my Rich Text Box automatically as it works on interrupts so it was quite easy to handle and worked perfectly. Give it a try (Y).

Thursday, June 13, 2013

UET Undergraduate Admission 2013 Notice For Documents




It is announced for the information of all concerned that this year a Combined Entry Test for entry into B.Sc Engineering and B.Sc Technology programs would be conducted. The Combined Entry Test is expected to be held in August 2013. Applications will be invited from second week of July.
All prospective candidates who plan to appear in Combined Entry Test are advised to prepare their Computerized National Identity card (CNIC) or B-Form Issued by NADRA, well in advance to avoid
any inconvenience at the time of submitting the application for Entry Test.


Following the Entry Test, undergraduate admissions will be announced in the second half of August 2013. Prospective candidates aspiring to apply for admission to B.Sc Engineering and B.Sc Technology programs of University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore and its constituent campuses/ colleges are advised to prepare the following documents well in advance to avoid any inconvenience at the time of submitting the application for admission. No application shall be entertained without the following required documents.

1.    Domicile Certificate.

2.    Computerized National Identity Card or Computerized B-Form from NADRA.

3.    Certificate, Diploma, Degree or Detailed Marks Certificates of all the examinations on the basis of which admission is sought i.e. H.S.S.C., Diploma of Associate Engineer, B.Sc., B.Tech. (Pass).

4.    Six (6) passport size recent photographs.

5.    Applicants  having  equivalent  foreign  qualifications  (e.g.  A-levels)  must  obtain  Equivalence Certificate from I.B.C.C. (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen).

6.    If you are applying against reserved seats for the Children of Overseas Pakistanis, you are required to submit following additional documents:

i.      An employment certificate in original (on Form-VIII) of applicants Parent (father/mother)in a foreign country issued by the Pakistani Embassy in that country. Form-VIII can be downloaded from our website or can be obtained from the office of the undersigned.

ii.     A photocopy of resident visa of applicants Parent (father/mother), attested by the Pakistani Embassy in that country.

iii.    Orphan candidates meeting eligibility requirements may be sponsored by their real brother, real maternal or real paternal uncle. Such candidates shall submit an attested photocopy of fathers death certificate along with Form-VIII and acceptable proof of relationship with the sponsor. In case of maternal uncle, nikah-nama of parents and other related documents are required to confirm the relationship.

Note : Scanned / faxed copy of employment certificate and visa shall not be entertained.

For further details visit our website:, or contact telephone numbers 042-99029452, 042-99029216.

Convener Admission Committee

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